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Quality engineering jobs

Quality assurance engineers are quite possibly some of the most in demand professionals in the workforce today. Quality engineering jobs abound in the job market, making up a large portion of the workforce. Quality assurance is essential to the successful operation of any business, but it is especially important to quality assurance engineers.

Not surprisingly, quality engineering jobs are quite plentiful, and the need for qualified professionals to fill those shoes is steadily growing.

What does a quality engineer do?

A quality assurance engineer is essentially the person who goes through all stages of the project, making sure that the product satisfies the client’s needs, all the way from system integration to testing and product delivery. For this reason, quality engineering jobs have become highly desirable for those who have the technical expertise to determine whether or not a project complete and ready for delivery.

In his or her role as a software expert, a quality assurance engineer oversees every phase of the software development and lifecycle process. Those with quality engineering jobs make sure that the design quality meets a high standard that complies with quality requirements of the development company.

Do not confuse a quality assurance engineer with a tester. A quality assurance engineer oversees the entire development process, all the way from testing to product delivery. Quality assurance engineers must become experts on the product, taking into account all aspects of the software process. Those with quality engineering jobs must be effective communicators with a strong ability to effectively communicate ideas and get feedback from product definition and development teams.

If bugs are discovered in the system, quality assurance engineers have the responsibility of making sure those bugs are worked out and eliminated before the final delivery of the product. Quality engineering jobs typically require a degree in engineering or a related field. In addition to having a technical understanding of the software, quality insurance engineers gather requirements, manage configuration, and conduct change management.

Quality assurance engineers do not start out with the QA title; they usually start out as a software tester or developer. Once they have worked as in one of these roles, one is promoted to a quality assurance engineer position. Before becoming a quality assurance engineer, however, one may first serve as a senior software quality engineer.

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